Pbitmall - How to buy PBT Token on your mobile phone?

Pbitmall / 2018-08-07

How to buy PBT Token?

  1. Visit www.pbitmall.com

  2. Click on the bottom navigation bar "My" to enter the user center. If not registered, you will be taken to the registration page.

  3. Back to home, pull down, find "Promotional Goods" ,choose a product, here choose 30000PBT.  

  4. Click on 30000PBT to enter, Click "Buy Now" and select purchase quantity. Click "Submit"

  5. If you do not fill in the shipping address, you need to fill in the shipping address and the ETH wallet address. (The ETH address is recommended to fill in the Metamask wallet address)

    Important: Do not fill in the exchange wallet address. 

6. After adding the shipping address, go to the submit order page.

7. Click "Submit Order", complete the order submission and click on “View Order” to enter the payment page. Click "Pay Now" 

8. Enter payment page to pay. The first address is ERC-20 Smart Contract Address, Pay 1Eth to Smart Contract Address, Payment completed. Then Smart Contract will automatically send PBT Token to your ETH Wallet address. 

Important: You need to add Smart Contract Address to let PBT Token displayed in your ETH wallet.