Return Process

1. Double check that the product you received does have a problem.

2. Contact the store customer service to further confirm the product's problems.

3. After confirming with the store customer service, in the user center, click the “Return” button in the order list to enter the return process.

4. According to the store's return contact information, return the product, and keep the return logistics number.

5. After the store receives the return, further verify that the product has a problem.

6. The store manager confirms the return and completes the refund, and the return is completed.

Tip: In order to protect your interests, please be sure to check the goods when you receive the goods. If you find that the package is damaged, the shortage of goods or errors, the surface quality of the goods, etc., please contact customer service on the spot and you can refuse to sign the product.

Return request:

1. From the date of receipt of the goods (based on your logistics receipt date to the time of your return), submit a return application within 7 days.

2. The outer packaging of goods and commodities is not damaged (including the package filling and outer packaging or outer packaging), and does not affect the re-sale of the goods (except for quality problems);

3. Indicate the reason for the return, if the product has quality problems, please be sure to explain;

4. Prepare the delivery list of the product;

5. Please contact the store customer service for specific requirements.

Special Instructions:

    Within the 7-day return period, non-product quality problems and compliance with the return and exchange conditions, the freight is at your own risk, if it is confirmed to be a product quality problem, the freight is borne by the store seller. Under normal circumstances, an order can only be exchanged once, except for quality problems, so in order to ensure your rights, please consider contact with customer service after careful consideration.