1. (Q)Is there a reward for registering as a Pbitmall member?

    (A)At present, registration as a Pbitmall member will have an 50PBT reward. In the future, the award may be changed. All the Pbitmall                             announcements will prevail. 

2. (Q)I recommended a friend to register for a Pbitmall member. He also purchased the product. Do I have a reward?

    (A)If your friend is registered as a user through your referral, your friend will be your subordinate user forever. If you purchase any products in the          mall, you will get a profit. The distribution of the mall is divided into 3 levels: 1 level 8%, level 2 5%, level 3 3%. 

3. (Q)I want to open a store on Pbtimall, but I don't have any products, can I?

    (A)You can open a store on Pbitmall, even if you don't have any products, you can sell any product on Amazon or ebay as an agent. 

4. (Q)Can i pay with fiats in Pbitmall ?

    (A)Pbitmall official can't support fiats payment, but you can go to our Task Hall, there you can change your fiats to cryptocurrencies though task. 
        For example, if someone posts a task, they need to exchange the cryptocurrency for the legal currency, and then you take the task. You can also treat this person as a acceptor, but it is in the form of a task. The task mode will ensure the security of both parties.
       You can check details here: 

5. (Q)Why does the product details have links to Amazon and ebay?

    (A)This means that the store only sells the product as an agent, and the delivery is actually Amazon, ebay.

6. (Q)What is the delivery time?

    (A)The delivery time depends on the actual shipper. If it is the agent Amazon, ebay products, the delivery time depends on Amazon, ebay. 

         If you have any questions about the delivery time, please contact the store to communicate directly. Even if Amazon and eBay ship goods, it will          be more convenient for agents to communicate with Amazon and ebay.

7. (Q)There is a task in the task hall to buy Amazon products, how to ensure that after I complete the task, the task publisher returns my funds and              rewards. 

    (A)Publishing a task is a special operation because the task is done outside of Pbitmall, so the task publisher needs to purchase a stored value                card corresponding to the value of the task when publishing the task. When the task is completed, the task publisher will give the corresponding          value stored value card to the task completer, otherwise you can contact Pbitmall customer service.

8. (Q)I bought a product from a store in the mall. What if the store does not ship?

    (A)In the process of purchasing the product, the payee is Pbitmall, and if the store does not ship, he will not be able to receive the payment. Only            when the buyer confirms the receipt of the goods, the seller will receive the payment from Pbitmall.

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