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We Need: 

1. Social Media Operations Managers

2. Token Distribution Managers

To all friends who follow and participate in the Pbitmall project:

Hello everyone:

      We have always focused on the design and development of the program. I always think that as long as we have a good project model, the project has a bright future and can be recognized and followed by everyone. Because our platform system is very large, it took almost all the time and energy, which led us to neglect the construction of social media and neglected the promotion of the project. We made mistakes on this issue.

     We now need friends with social media experience to join us, it's not just that you need to forward our tweets. You need to manage and promote our projects as a manager.

     We need
Social Media Operations Managers in various countries. We also need Token Distribution Managers from all over the world. If you are interested in our projects, recognize our projects, and you feel that you are qualified for this job, please contact us and we will wait for you to join.


     Of course, if you contribute to our project, you will definitely get the reward you deserve. We will use a certain percentage of the shares, as well as sales performance as your return. For details, please contact our Telegram(@PresalesPbitmall) alone. After the members are confirmed, we will establish an independent working group to discuss.

     At the same time, if you have any doubts about our project, please leave a message on our Bounty thread first, we will give you the fastest answer for you. Any questions you have will be welcomed by us, and we will not do any concealment, giving you the most direct response.


      We sincerely look forward to your joining

From the Pbitmall Creator 


Although Bitcoin was born almost 10 years ago, so far there is no really perfect cryptocurrency e-commerce platform. This is what we are trying to accomplish today.

If you see some shortcomings in our project and have some questions, please let us know and let's work together to improve it. If you want to ask, what can you do for us, just like Ma Di asked Nakamoto. Then I tell you, send your referral link of Pbitmall to the Internet and send it to any place.

By understanding our projects and the mode of operation, you will understand that our projects have great potential and prospects, so please join us and we will work together to create future glory.

If you want to open a store to sell products, please join us;

If you want to earn commissions by sharing our products, please join us;

If you are engaged in code development, please join us;

If you are engaged in graphic design, please join us;

If you have investment funds, please join us;

If you have community promotion experience, please join us;

Even if you only have one Twitter account, please join us;

If ...

Anyone, as long as you are interested in our projects and believe that our projects have a bright future, please join us.

Let's implement it together. 

Pbitmall - Pooling win, Share to earn money, Novel cryptocurrency E-commerce platform


Pre-sales Support

Telegram: @PresalesPbitmall

After-sales Support

Telegram: @AftersalesPbitmall


Have any questions or suggestions, you can contact our customer service, or send us an E-mail:, or through the message board (Click: Message Board) to give us feedback, thank you for your support!