Task Hall Guide

Task hall process demonstration:

Seller A sell product B price is 100$ on Amazon.  Pbitmall user C to take the task.

User C completes the task, will get 1$ reward.

Suppose this time ETH price is 500$, because, ETH/PBT=10000,

Than, 100$=0.2ETH=2000PBT, 101$=2020PBT

Let’s see what’s the process.


For Task Poster:

1 Step: Seller A pay deposit to Pbitmall to open store.

2 Step: Seller A post 3 products D which price is 2000PBT as a taks: Require 3 users to buy poruct B on Amazon for him.

3 Step: Seller A contact Customer service buy 3pieces Pbitmall Stored value cards, each amout is 2020PBT, total is 6060PBT. Task post success.

Setp 4: Seller A post 3 product coupons which can just use for this product, each amount is 2020PBT.


Till now, Seller A has completed his task post.  Now it’s the turn of the user to complete the task.


For user:

Step 1: User C contact with Seller A to confirm the task and seller A will give one coupon to User C.

Step 2: User C purchases product D using the coupon payment method to complete the payment.

Step 3: User C go to Amazon to buy product B and complete the payment.


Till now, User C pay 100$ to Seller A on Amazon.


Now process is on Amazon:

Step 4: Seller A virtually send product to user C on Amazon store.

Step 5: User C confirm received product on Amazon and give a good review.


Till now, User C purchase product B already completed. 100$ already give to Seller A on Amazon.

Now, Seller A virtually send product to user C on Pbitmall, and give one 2020PBT Pbitmall Stored value card to user C.


Till now Task whole process completed. User C spend 100$ get 2020PBT, now use C can withdraw PBT or use PBT to purchase ETH, BTC and withdraw.